KeyWestHomesInc Staff

Move to Key West?

Craving a new locale featuring plenty of sunshine, easy access to the ocean and delicious food? Then moving to Key West might be for you – but can you afford the cost of living? That’s a smart question to ask before you sell your house and load up a U-Haul with your bicycles, paddleboards and sunscreen, so let’s take a look at the real Cost of Living in Key West.

In order to find out if you can afford to live in Paradise, you would have to compare the cost of living in your current city, with the cost of living in Key West. With a median home cost of $633,700, house prices in Key West average 174.1% higher than the national average, however it is still lower than many other major cities, including 7% cheaper than New York and 8.8% cheaper than Los Angeles.

The cost of groceries is comparable to the national average, while transportation is 30.7% cheaper and utilities are 3% cheaper. At $69,300, the median household income in Key West also comes in above the National average which means Key West might just be more affordable than you thought!

In the end, residing in beautiful Key West comes at a higher cost of living than in most places. However, the trade-offs may be worth it, depending on your lifestyle preferences and desire for incredible weather. Let me help you make your DREAM COME TRUE!