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First Steps to Home Ownership

First Steps to Home Ownership in the Keys


Are you a First Time Homebuyer? Make your dream of living in paradise a reality! Here is a guide to follow to ensure your first time home buying experience is as smooth as possible.

1. Select a qualified Lender, and let them determine your eligibility.  Your lender will provide the education that will assist you in becoming Pre-Qualified and   Pre-Approved for your loan.  A lender can help you decide how your debt may affect your credit.

2. Let your lender identify what incentive programs you may qualify for.  Ask questions about eligibility for a VAFirst Time BuyerFHA or  want a fixer upper – then find out more about the 203 Renovation Loans.

Key West South of Truman Neighborhood

Key West South of Truman Neighborhood

3. Create A Wish List. and  work with your Realtor to locate your Dream Home in the Keys.
 HERE ARE SOME ITEMS TO CONSIDER…… Where do you want to live in the Keys? Are you considering Key West?
  • Did you know there are several great neighborhoods to choose from?
  • Check out Key West “Neighborhoods”

Are you considering the Lower Keys?

  • Check out Information on the Lower Keys from Big Coppitt to Big Pine!

• What price range will you consider? • Do you want to live within the boundaries of a specific school system? • Do you want to live near public transit? • Do you want to live near the beach? • Do you want water access for a boat? • Is neighborhood walk-ability important to you? • Do you want to live in a gated community? • Do you want to live in an area with community amenities such as a swimming pool or tennis courts? • In what kind of home would you like to live? One-story? Two-story? Townhouse? Condo? • Is there an architectural style to which you’re drawn? Colonial? Craftsman? Contemporary? • Is there an architectural style you strongly dislike?


Lower Keys

•Do you want a new home (less than 5 years old) or an older home? • Do you want a historic home (at least 50 years old)? • Are you willing to do a little renovation? A lot of renovation? No renovation? • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want? • What is the minimum and maximum square footage you’ll consider? • Are there physical needs that need to be met (wheelchair access or limited stairs)? • Do you have pets with special requirements?

Work with a Local Lender – They will be able to determine if you qualify to participate in the First Time Homebuyer Program and can assist you with your credit history.

I am happy to be the liaison for this process by introducing you to the following lenders in Monroe County.

Lender contacts: Iberia Bank – Heather Roberts Angela LaBrada – BB&T , Ruben Concepion – Keys Financial