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Build Your Next Dream Home in the Keys!

Lot on Sugarloaf Key Want to build your dream home? This quiet and peaceful lot is located in a highly desirable neighborhood for family homes as well as vacation retreats. The vacant waterfront lot is located on a beautiful clear and clean 50′ Wide canal, with quick Access to the Gulf. Spend your afternoons playing at Marvin and Snipe Key or scoot over to the Atlantic to play all day. Modular homes are very popular in the Keys and would be a perfect option for this lot!

    • TIER III Lot (buildable land)
    • Specifications available for build options
    • Great neighborhood close to the A Rated Sugarloaf Elementary School
    • 15 minute drive to Key West
    • Gulf side Waterview

Build your dream home in the Keys today! Click here to view the full MLS datasheet.


Why build your own home?

When buying a home, one of the first decisions buyers need to make is whether to shop for an existing home or build a new one. This lot allowsyou to build your own home and customize every detail, something you can’t achieve through buying an existing home. You can create a beautiful home that matches your style and personality.

  • A new home is more efficient – New energy codes include better HVAC, insulation and air filtration standards. Using Energy Star rated appliances,  more efficient plumbing and electrical fixtures make your home more efficient which is good for the environment and also saves you money on your utility bills each month.
  • New homes will require less maintenance and fewer repairs than buying an existing home, which can save time and money.
  • Customization- You will be able to choose every element of the new structure!
  • Resale Value – Buyers usually find a newer home more appealing and it may be easier to recoup your investment.

What kind of home should you build?

Florida Keys Home Built by Sweetwater Homes

Florida Keys Home Built by Sweetwater Homes

A modular home would be perfect for this lot. Modular homes are very popular in the Florida Keys, in fact Florida has more modular and manufactured homes than any other state. Monroe County’s building standards are among the toughest in the nation and after Hurricane Irma, we saw that code compliant modular homes fared better than others in the storm. As MHLivingNews has reported for years, third party research demonstrates that a properly installed modular home is as strong and safe as conventional housing, and in some cases, safer. This type of home is built in a controlled factory environment, resulting in a quicker build than a site-built home  

What is the difference between a modular home and a manufactured home?

Modular Homes

  • Factory-built (or pre-fabricated) homes in sections at a factory
  • Sections are transported to the building site and then joined together by local contractors
  • Finished on location, and must conform to all local, state or regional building codes
  •  Placed on a permanent foundation at the building site
  • Modular homes are typically larger than manufactured homes – full kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, washer and dryer hookups, fireplaces etc.
  • The home equity of a well-built modular home will continue to grow in value over time. Upgrades can also be added like sun rooms, gas fireplaces, porches, garages, etc.


Manufactured Homes

  • Manufactured houses are pre-constructed completely in the factory on a permanent, fixed steel chassis. They have wheels which are typically detached once the unit is towed to the residence.
  • Sometimes are referred to as mobile homes or trailers
  • Must abide by a Federal HUD building code, not local, state or regional building codes
  • Typically have skirting/siding around the bottom of them to hide where the wheels were removed and to give it the appearance of a typical home
  • A little harder to finance and generally decrease in home equity value

Custom modular homes, built by Champion’s North American Housing brand in Strattanville, PA, are popular alternatives to site-built housing. This animation demonstrates how a builder used modular construction and custom site-built components to create a beautiful new two-story design.


Recommended Modular Builders:

Florida Keys Home Built by Sweetwater Homes

Florida Keys Home Built by Sweetwater Homes

Sweetwater Homes – Building Dreams in the Keys for Over 30 Years! 30051 Pond Ln. Big Pine Key, FL 33043 (305) 872-9520 [email protected] Pabian Properties – The Premier Real Estate Development Company in the Florida Keys. 1315 United St. (305) 791-1456 [email protected]    

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